Chimney of secrets

The red bricks are place on the foundation of the fireplace
The build ever upwards around the smoke chamber
As it grows every higher it narrows reaching towards the sky
The beauty in the design as it takes shape on the roof top

Hexagonal, delicately placed to reach the sky
Your twin pillared stack is joined at the crown with a pot
You twist and turn in a star design as you reach the top
Your octagonal body reaches ever upwards

You lift the swirling smoke gently leading the way
What secrets do you hold as they float upwards?
The burnt letter from a lover, a photo from the past
A secret spoken you encase and in your warmness

The embers smolder in your hearth, lie unspoken
You are silent you do not reveal the words that float upwards
As you cool down, the evening has come to an end
Tomorrow there will be new things to hide

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