Oh Sir John Houblon you are being withdrawn
Oh Sir John Houblon after 20 years you’re out of circulation
There are 53 million of you out there right now
And your worth of 2.65billion pounds, when did I last see you
You were demanded in the financial crises
People hide you when they were saving up for something special
So you’ve gone out of fashion
You are going to be replaced, DUMPED
You see Sir John Houblon, you are just like Issac Newton
or the Duke of Wellington or even Edward Elgar.
Obsolete, like the pound note, the fiver or the twenty quid
So Sir John Houblon you are replaced with Boulton and Watt
For those people with a ten shilling note, the old one pound note
The fiver the twenty or the fifty pounds you better get them changed
And that wonderful institution of the bank of England
Will exchanged them for something that’s not been dumped



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