Road to a new beginning

At my feet stretches a road

It is the road to a new beginning

I have been here before

This time it is different


There are no potholes for me to fall down

There are no tiny roads leading from it

The road ahead doesn’t twist and turn violently

It is more of a gentle meander


It feels calm and serene as I walk slowly along it

The sun has come out, it is warmth embraces me

The flowers each side are bright and light up my day

This road feels comfortable and safe


I am in charge of my own destiny

This new beginning is no longer scary

I feel at ease as I make take small steps

This time I can almost see the horizon


This road to a new beginning

Is exciting and scary at the same time

I know its going to be the best adventure ever

With luck it will be shared with another

Change for a reason

We change the things we want to change
We live the way we want to live
Then the thing we least expects happens
Someone comes along and rocks the boat

They want to change our work
Not just a subtle one
The place is miles away
This is not in our plan

We think and ponder and wonder why
What did we do to make this change?
It wasn’t anything we did
We just happen to fit the hat

So do we change and comply?
Do we choose change ourselves?
Do we let others choose for us?
This is a hard choice

Me , I choose change, I embrace change
For change will take me to where I want to go
So thank you for changing my life
In a short time I will be exactly where I want to be

The Kappa

From out of the water the kappa arose
His scaly blue skin from his head to his toes
His webbed hands and feet are as small as a child’s
His eyes rolled around looking fierce and wild

A plate on his head and a beak for a mouth
Dripping with water as he looked to the south
His flat hairless plate on the top of his head
Is where his power lays which stops children dead.

He’s a trickster, beware of his mischievous streak
He’s likes to play pranks and make ladies shriek
From innocent pranks to his malevolent side
He’s a water monster, he has no pride

He’s not to be trusted, not even an inch
Watch your loved ones which he likely to pinch
He’ll pillage and rape, he doesn’t care
Whatever you think he doesn’t do fair


Be friends with the Kappa and he will help you
Bringing occasional gifts right out of the blue
If you’re clever enough to dupe for some aid
The kappa won’t break an oath that he’s made

A Japanese myth, a legendary creature
In spring and summer in water he’ll feature
The cold arrives the mountains he knows
He’s Yama-no-Kami, that’s where he goes

Beware my friend of the Kappa beware
Regardless of myth, he isn’t that rare
Keep on your guard, both night and day
And the kappa will surely be kept at bay.

Hello and Welcome to the Javabean cafe

Hello and welcome to the Javabean Café
Step inside, have a beer or a glass of red
Maybe sip something hot, with the steamy jazz
Take a seat, relax and listen to the music
123 223 feel the beat moving in your feet
As it rises up, the music takes speed
Close your eyes? Can you feel the rhythm?
Are you swaying from side to side?
These semi quaver are not so fast
Take your turn, improvise, your solo
This jazz bluesy piece has a funky back beat,
The rhythm is faster, tap your toes wildly
The sax plays short sharp notes as they blend
You can lose yourself in the music
You can be anywhere, a little café in Paris
A taverna in Greece on a summers evening

Get lost in the music feel the rhythm live the beat
It makes you feel alive and kicking
And if I close my eyes just for a moment
I’m living life rather than life living me
It sounds as if as if everyone is talking at once
Then slowly they start to sink into harmony,
Close your eyes it’s a camel in the desert
A snake being charmed, exotic dancers
The music slowly dies away, it is the calm after the storm
The wine has been drunk, the bottles are empty
The music stops, everyone has gone until the next time
When the music will whisk you away to pastures new

Human being or Human Doing

I am a ‘Human doing’
I am on the hamsters wheel
Day in day out up for work,
Rushing here, and there.
There are a couple of variations,
Shall I walk or take the car.
Sandwich or salad for lunch
Oh the humdrum of a Human doing.
 In fact I am a Human being
I am living for every day
I’m getting off the hamsters wheel
No more rushing for me.
Read a book, glass of wine
Potter in the garden
Visit all those places I desire
Take my time there is no hurrying.
I want to take it easy
I want to take it slowly
Enjoy every single second of my time
For I am a Human being not a Human doing


The rain and I are happy

The Sky darkens, the clouds block the sun
The raindrops fall heavily like daggers stabbing
They are bitter and salty, they cloud up my eyes
The raindrops are tears, the sadness in me

It is the soft mist that brings renewal
It drops on my tongue cool and refreshing
It seeps inside me and hydrates me
Its cleansing and thirst quenching

The rain is gentle it races down my window
It’s fresh from the sky, running down my face
It traces the contours of my face
It dances on the grass and we are both happy



Self preservation

I’ve wrapped myself up , no one knows

I’m inside a bubble, looking out

Its cosy , it surrounds and engulfs me

I’m protected from all of the outsideness

You can look in but you can’t see my whole

I let you see some of me, the strong bits

The happy parts, the confident me

The rest lies inside this bubble

Will I let you in? it’s possible

Will I come back out? eventually

The bubble shields me, I’m safe

It’s called self preservation.

Two knees

Two knees looked up to the sky
It’s hot out here left said to right
I know said right I’m rather hot
I’m burning said left with a moan

Two knees looked up to the sky
There’s a bit of a breeze right said
I know said left I wish it would cool me
Me too, said right, it’s all too much.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I’ve had enough left said to right
Do you think we have to stay much longer?
I hope not said right, who knows what he thinks.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I want to get up and move right said
It’s going to be sore left said to right
When will he realize it’s time to go

The knees started to move,
No more looking up to the sky
Hoorah, left said to right I’m pleased
You know we have to do this tomorrow.

The knees were moving forward
What do you mean tomorrow said right
Well we are on this thing called holiday
The man lies down and looks up to the sky

You mean we have to look at the sky again
Right said to left with a quiver
Yes said left, we certainly do
It’s not a holiday its torture in the sun

Tangled Wool

You have tangled yourself together my mind, my life and my work

You didn’t have any help did you?

or did you let that kitten out?

I know what hes like with those balls of wool

He tangles them all together.

Now I have that long drawn out task

Of untangling them from each other

My life is like the red wool, fiery and cross,

my work is the brown, all murky and lost

My mind is the rainbow ball, its trying to please everything

So as I untangle them all, and sort them all out

There will be a happy tidy home, work and mind