My life is out of balance
My work invades my home life
It needs to be restored again
Some days are just a blur
I wonder how did I get here?
I want my life to be more fluid

The problem ism the right balance today
May not be the right balance tomorrow.
It’s like juggling balls in the air
Will any of them drop or will I keep them all going
There is no one perfect size
No one balance fits all.

The scales of life measure in time and space
Is it governed by a higher intelligence ?
Or did we have a control panel at birth
Did we learn how to use it
Or how to misuse it

One alone balancing life is hard
Two together takes turns
Freeing up time for one another
What’s it all about?
It’s about understanding the balance

So I take time to find my balance
If I close my eyes and breathe slowly
Life flows in and out of me
Live life don’t waste it
Balance it so you are free.


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