Mackerel Sky, Storm is nigh

The clear blue skies that stretched forever have gone

feathery clouds are whisping across the sky,

its almost as if the sky is wearing curls today

A change is a foot in the weather


they spread into one another as far as I can see

their pale whiteness is so thin and transparent

its like a fog that the sun is trying to break through

is there rain on its way now?


They ripple across the sky all grainy

The striped patterns are like fish scales

All puffy and round getting darker

The mackerel sky, a storm is nigh




You’re wearing jam

its funny sometimes how things don’t go quite right

you wake up in the morning and you know straight away

its going to be one of THOSE days.

When Monday arrived it was exactly like that


The flights were all cancelled not just delayed

The french air traffic strike was going to drive me nuts

it looked from the start on my few days off

I was going to be stuck stuck stuck


Then a trip to the tip, the bags all split,

I love a good root around looking for gold

I bought four pictures a pound a piece

Bargain I thought, great on my wall


Then looking on ebay, my pictures were there

A tenner a pop, the days finally looking up

Then another good thing was the wine that i bought

was only half price, what a result


cheap wine, pictures, the air strike has lifted, I’m flying away

My friend laughed and said ‘you’re wearing jam’

Its a jammy sort of day  my glass is half full, thank you my friend

for making me smile, the day was great to the end



Ebay Challenge

I’m an Ebay watcher, sometimes a buyer
Always for a reason to get rid of junk
I love a bargain, and a auction
But I never do an ‘I’ll buy it now’

It’s the thrill of the chase, waiting for the bids
Wondering if mine will be the winning one
I wait til just before the end then pounce
With my bid, did I win?

Now the challenge has been set
The pieces have been bought
My competitor has the same amount
The pictures are up, the blurb written

How many times a day will I check
Are my purchases winning or his
Its neck and neck one green two red
That’s one sold two are not

So who is the winner? Both of us are,
They aren’t sold yet so I have no idea
Come Sunday we’ll know and if they are not sold
Well it’s a re-list and race a second week.

Honey Moon

Golden light shines from the sky

Honey Moon lights up the night

Just once ever hundred years does it shine

As a sign of whats to come

Maybe it sends shivers down your spine

or perhaps a fruitful summer

It sits low in the sky just above the horizon

The bees are in abundance

their hives steeped in honey

and for the summer solstice

the mead is drunk at many a wedding

And the honeymoon shines again


Blue Sky Day

Sky blue, bright blue, Blue sky day

The green trees catching the sun

The White clouds slowly drifting by

This morning at 7 it was a blue sky day


I basked in the sun, from first thing til it set

The sky remained blue, I felt blessed

It could be a holiday, I could be far away

Yet in my own garden, its like my holiday


Everyone is smiling,  happiness fills the air,

A gentle happy day, warmth was all around

A holiday, a day off , a working one

May everyone be a blue sky day.