Ebay Challenge

I’m an Ebay watcher, sometimes a buyer
Always for a reason to get rid of junk
I love a bargain, and a auction
But I never do an ‘I’ll buy it now’

It’s the thrill of the chase, waiting for the bids
Wondering if mine will be the winning one
I wait til just before the end then pounce
With my bid, did I win?

Now the challenge has been set
The pieces have been bought
My competitor has the same amount
The pictures are up, the blurb written

How many times a day will I check
Are my purchases winning or his
Its neck and neck one green two red
That’s one sold two are not

So who is the winner? Both of us are,
They aren’t sold yet so I have no idea
Come Sunday we’ll know and if they are not sold
Well it’s a re-list and race a second week.


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