Heads in a Spin

Heads in a spin

is it inside out

or outside in

or upside down


I’d like to get off

this mad roundabout

just for a while

take a break


Heads in a spin

I need to think smart

out of the box

make my life easier


Going to take it slowly

not get in a fluster

take a step back, Breath deeply

and change the way I think



Change is swift

Brilliant blue skies

intense searing sun

white fluff clouds

Rhythmic calm sea

wind blows gentley

I close my eyes

peace all around


Ominous dark skies

heavy black clouds

The air is stiffling

heat is almost suffocating

Gun grey sea

Crashes with force

Large rain drops fall

intense heavy bursts

no peace now


The wind blows quickly in

and out just as fast

calming down again

dark clouds have moved

the sky is a brilliant blue again

the sun shines intensely

the sapphire sea is calm

a gentle roll of the wabes

peace is regained



The Cable Car

I hide my fear of heights,

on a cliff edge, or a high building

I go to jelly.

Sometimes I have to get through fear

to enjoy those things around me


The cable car descends towards me

If I look where I’m going I will falter

I board, with my back against the mountain view

It rises slowly, I fix on the ocean


Big houses now appear smaller

Tops of the trees appear under my feet

The ocean is wider and further away

as distance between me and the ocean is lengthened


Washing appears on lines in gardens

banana plantations, terraces of vegetables

The roads look like those on a google map

Cars are like ants whizzing along


As I peek behind me big clouds appear

they seem to be closer

The harbour is now a dot in the distance

The cable car stops, we are at the top


I breath a sigh of relief

the view is magnificent

my fear over come, it was worth it

However I still have to get down again