Volcanic shoreline

Sea rolls gently against

black  volcanic shoreline

dark clouds hang in

the midnight blue sky

No movement in the air

palm trees remain stationary

the sun starts to rise

around the headland

Pale orange, yellow and pale blue

lights up the sky

There is peace in the air

no sound

just the rhythmic crashing of the waves

on the volcanic shoreline

The edge of the horizon

At the furthest point

at the edge of the horizon

The lights on the hillside shine.

Twinkling in the darkened sky

a satellite shone brightly


peaking at the edge of the horizon

a tiny shaft of orange light

appeared in the morning sky

Just saying its early ‘hello’


The hillside lightens around it

The sun rose steadily,

within minutes, the sky lightened

The sun shone on the ocean


Twinkling and glistening

as the waves moves steadily

Crashing gently on the rocks below

The morning had dawned again.


It’s finally here

I waited a year

my case is packed

I’ve checked it twice

I’m panicking wildly

have I forgotten anything

I’ve my toothpaste and bikini

what more do I need

The sun will shine brightly

the sky will be blue

Drink lots of wine

Sleep all night

Enjoy the scenery

and relax for a week

where am I going

you ask and I say

I’m off on my holybobs

Hip hip horrah


Beep Beep

the negative words fly around me

Beep Beep

The negative words try to penetrate me

Beep Beep

Words spoken with venom

I deflect the negativity

Beep Beep

Your negative words become quieter

Beep Beep

I have learned one thing

With every negative word

the beep beep enters my head

it diffuses it

I don’t absorb your words

I am light

I do not hold on to negativity

My mind is like a river flowing

My mind ebbs and flows gently

thoughts pop in and out at will

there are no rules here

Just allow nature to take it’s course


That important thought has gone again

it was floated away by many musings

I struggle to remember what it was

however it has  gone now


My mind is like a river flowing

it is uncontrollable from the outside

if you want to catch a fish

then you must catch it when you see it.





The delete button

A bad film Deleted
My music deleted
My contacts deleted
Digital mistakes deleted in a moment

My mistakes are here
Corrected in a minute
In an hour
In a day
In a week
A month
A year
A lifetime
No delete button
Just human
Correcting them myself
Giving myself time
Not beating myself up
Accepting my mistakes
And learning from them