sadness fills my soul

Sadness fills my soul

my heart is heavier than lead

my head is hung

I can only look down

the floor is grey like my skin

darkness is all around me

the bounce in my voice has left

the smile on my face has gone

I cannot find the light

I cannot find the happiness

I know the change is coming

I just don’t know what to do

to make things change

to make things better

sadness stays in my soul


Clinging on

In the dark of the wood

the torch shone the way

lighting the path

casting shadows all around

from the corner of my eye

I see a dark shape hanging

I glance, its just fluff

I glance again its a thread

I shine my torch towards it

Its hanging from my hat

I swipe with my fingers

and look again

its a spider clinging on

joining me on my journey

I wish it well

and leave it on a dark branch

to find its own journey.

My window collapsed

My window collapsed

It shut down

my window to the world stopped

my heart skipped a beat

my breath held tight

my window on the world had gone

The phone crashed

it lost everything

the reboot started

No numbers

no photots

no smiles or music

My window on the world was crushed

The cloud saved me

my smile returned

everything came back

and my window on the world was back