Perfect day

I joined the birds

in their morning song

the clear blue sky

and the icy white fields

the cold fresh air

on my warm face

as I breathed deeply

the stillness joined me

for me there is no other way

to start a perfect day



Morning moonlite sky

Pale blue clear sky

warm orange on the horizon

White rooftops

Glittering icy ground

glistening in the

morning moonlite sky

Icy underfoot

cold air brushes my face

What a fantastic start

to a new day


Late night shopping

The late shopping trip

almost to awful to bare

the shelves almost empty

people wandering around

with empty trolleys

aimlessly wondering

what shall I put in here?

so they fill them up

with useless things

and worry about

what to serve Christmas day

I really don’t get it

I don’t understand

All of this worry

All of this food

just for one day.

When the  shops will be closed

and the assistants stay at home

cause they have a life too.

I’m taking it easy

what I haven’t got now

I’ll do without




Christmas Do!

Sausage rolls and quiche Lorraine

dips with carrot and celery sticks

olives stuffed with great delights

kebabs on skewers

crisps in bowls

chocolate cake with smarties on

After eights waiting til late

warm white wine from a box

polite conversation

Christmas music

The clock ticks slowly

the time drifts on

Its 8pm I can go home

Yet another Work Christmas DO!



Just once, Just today

I want to stay where its warm and safe

Under the duvet

in my own home

Just once, just today

I want to smile a real smile

not a false one

which hides how I feel

I want to go to work

without the moaning and whinging

If I offer my help

I don’t want it ignored

Just once I want you to

accept the help, stop your moaning

and be happy

Just once, just today lets really smile

After all , we are at work all day