The wrong word typed

The wrong thing said

The wrong button touched

I got it wrong by mistake

No matter how much

How many times

An apology is given

There is this sinking feeling

Lead in my boots

Heart lost its beat

Sadness arrising

The joy disappeared

The happiness gone

The smile lost

All for a misunderstanding.

Spring is Poised

Catkins hang, softly moving in the breeze
Birds chirp merrily singing their happy news
Buds just showing, like jewels on the branches
Sun shines, warmth on my face
There’s a nip in the air
No frost in sight
And snowdrops peep through
The dead winter leaves
The first tell tale signs
Spring is poised.

We got away with it

We got away with it
My thoughts are on the weather
The winter snow just flurries
The winter rain very light
The winter wind light and breezy
The sun has been bright
Warm on my face
It’s almost spring
I walk with such excitement.
Then I look outside,
Only to see hard snow falling
Blizzard like, drifting down
It huge fluffy snow flakes
Fast, furiously, covering the ground
So we didn’t quite get away with it.

Ice Feather

ice feather

Delicate features
Soft shapes formed
Overlapping each other
Glistening in the sun
Fine are the lines
Faint in the white
Shimmering plumes
Intricate patterns
Mysteriously intriguing
Elaborate designs
On my car windscreen
Imperfect shapes
As the temperature drops
Growing graceful feathers
From these seed crystal stems.

Hearts Entwined

Hearts entwined to last a life time
Future stretches on for miles
A kiss, a smile a life of laughter
All gone in the blink of an eye

Sudden realisation
The end is nigh
The need to tie the knot
Something we just forgot

The moment arises
Not quite how we planned
You in the bed, and I hold your hand
And a tear waits to fall

We speak the words that make us one
There is no life time together
I love you my love
Our hearts entwined
For always, forever, even when you’re not there
Our hearts entwined with a tear.

A love dying

Grey is the sky

hard is the day

my thoughts lie with you

in this mixed moment

you should be smiling

your wedding day

yet this is the last act

no more cherished moments

no long life together

but the memories built

they stay in the heart

a moment of joy

a lingering kiss

a love may lie dying

so may today

carry you through.






Thank you

Your kindness and feelings are important to me
Like the wind that carries the seeds to their new resting place
Like the sun that warms the earth and makes us smile
Like the rain the flows steadily to hydrate us
Like the ice that freezes the ground to slow life down
Like the snow that falls and creates beauty
Like the ebb and flow of a river ever changing
Your encouragement refreshes me
Your kindness enlightens me
Your passion inspires me
I thank you for entering my life.

Act of Kindness

The smallest word
Can cause the biggest pain
Lack of understanding
Bulldozes our sensitive minds
Squashes our confidence
Rocks our faith
Just because I smile
Doesn’t portray my inner-self
I hope kindness comes my way
But just a single word, text
Email, or a call from you
Raises my self-belief
Encourages my writing
Inspires me to move forward
That simple act of kindness
is the silver lining to my day