Hearts Entwined

Hearts entwined to last a life time
Future stretches on for miles
A kiss, a smile a life of laughter
All gone in the blink of an eye

Sudden realisation
The end is nigh
The need to tie the knot
Something we just forgot

The moment arises
Not quite how we planned
You in the bed, and I hold your hand
And a tear waits to fall

We speak the words that make us one
There is no life time together
I love you my love
Our hearts entwined
For always, forever, even when you’re not there
Our hearts entwined with a tear.

One thought on “Hearts Entwined

  1. […] the most humbling and most heartfelt week (see poem https://katherineloverage.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/hearts-entwined/  ) I wondered if joy and laughter was going to show its face. It did and it sneaked in in various […]

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