So today is the last day of #napowrimo. However inspired by many people I have decided to see if I can manage a poem a day for longer… who knows how long . Todays Prompt is to take a poem written this month and write the bottom line first until you get to the bottom of the poem which should be the top line.

Here is my backwards poem


He kept his promise

He lifted her down off the rock, kissing her

She looked up and there he was in the distance

Hearing a noise was that his voice in the wind


She felt so alone

Where was he? They were going to go crabbing

She could see the crabs playing on the bottom

Gazing down, the deep dark pool swirling around


Sun warm on her head

Red skirt fluttering around her bare knees

Her hair flying in the blustery warm wind

Standing barefoot, her feet cold on the smooth rock

Flower Show


In this ideal setting

Is this year’s gardening bliss

From Vegetable heaven

To floral delights

With vibrant colours

And noses filled with

Fragrant delights.

You can be relaxing fresco

In the most amazing gardens

There are Hedgehog sanctuaries

And it’s an Insect paradise

Lastly the Concept gardens

Of imaginary offerings

Another perfect place

Rejoice in inspirational

British gardening

Bridges unite


Stretching from here to there

Open to the elements

No walls to hold you in

It unites us


Strength and structure

Carrying such weights

Crossing obstacles

Resisting movement


Over the smallest river

And the widest valley

your sweeping view

and rolling horizon


Life flows below you,

Connecting our conscious life

without you, no bond to each other

with you, the Friendship is endless

Sherlock Holmes to Watson

Today napowrimo prompt is to write a Poemeleon. A poem in the voice of someone else. So today I have written as Sherlock Holmes


There is nothing like first-hand evidence

My dear Watson are you listening at all?

This letter is not a red herring

Have you read it at all?


Have you eliminated all other factors?

And the one that is left is the truth

You see but you don’t really observe

So look again Dr Watson, and discover


We must listen to each of their stories

For everything has been done before.

The world is full of obvious things

Come Watson the game is afoot.


Dark clouds cover the sky

hint of the sun peeking through

squeals of delight as we run outside

small hand slipped into mine squeezed tight

arms wrapped round my neck

kissing my cheek laughing out loud

curled up in bed stories being told

dark is the night as I sing to you

each moment there’s a new surprise


Drone of the tyres on the tarmac

sun beating through the windscreen

radio playing random songs

For mile after mile after mile


Stop start traffic building

destination 300 miles

are we nearly there yet  I ask myself

not for hours and hours


heavy dark clouds loom in the distance

fields of bright yellow rape seed

Almost there I tell myself

destination arrived journey complete

The Hanged Man

Today’s Napowrimo prompt was to pick a card and write a poem. So I shuffled my Tarot cards and drew

The Hanged Man.

the hanged man

This tarot card I have chosen

You hang upside down

You hang from one leg

How tiring it must be


Unable to help yourself

Stuck, waiting, dangling in time

Will the problem ever pass

The one you have no energy for


You meditate, eyes staring, suspended

Discovering the resolution

Patience, wisdom and optimism

You are free once again.

Newness and Silence


Bright yellow  flowers burst over the gorse

Like sun rays, covering the forest

Bright new leaves softly swaying

Blue skies stretch beyond the beyond


Rabbits hide in clumps of heather

tiny buds of pink and white appear

Deer graze on the heath in the distance

Hide, protected by woodland thickets


The smell of newness on the warm breeze

The sound of silence echoes in my ears

Come share this space, this time with me

Let the newness and silence be us


Todays Napowrimo Prompt was to take a page in a book, block out some words and make a poem.

I have chosen ‘The last days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin, i am reading this right now.

I have written 2 very short poems.


Barely conscious

Heart beating


I’ve seen worse

Rabbit moaned

Hand to her cheek


Take care

Don’t worry

It’s safe


He pointed politely

Rabbit followed down hallway



Eyes pleaded

Not going to cry Rabbit

Be strong for you