Today’s Napowrimo poem is about money. So here is my money


There was sixpence in my hand

A shiny round sixpence

It was all mine, for me to spend

If I put it with the other sixpences

I was rich, i could buy things

Just for me, little me.

The silver sparkled, it look huge

I was a child, when my Nan placed it there

What could I buy, sweets, a toy

Something exciting I was rich


Now i look at sixpence

What is it worth now?

Two and half pence

What will that buy?

Two and half pence,

That’s not so pretty

Not so shiny

Not so small

I will remember my sixpence more

It was worth more then

To me

It was worth all its weight

Its memory

I was as rich as rich could be.

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