Gift of wings

We have a short moment in time

A snapshot of measurement

Moments, day’s months and years

To make the most of


Each day lived in, Filled with doing

Sometimes silence and peace

Pondering time, soaking up dreams

Making plans for the future


Regrets left behind, Memories are made

Living for the now not the past

Laughing enjoying each day

Future is inevitable not planned


You filled my life with adventures

Showered me with kindness

Offered me love, shared yourself

You lifted my grief, showed me life


I live in the moment,

I soar with contentment

I fly free with

This gift of wings

2 thoughts on “Gift of wings

  1. This piece both brought me a down at first–just a little, a smidgen–and then raised me up and over. Perhaps it is your expression of incalculable measurement of time, the brief glimmer which did it. This resolved me to my fleeting time, moments, blinks…just all Past. For me those times–although all rather sharp immemorial–are shrouded in heavy burdens of said past.

    Coldness embezzling away the joys and laughter; shadows strong-arming and drowning happy light.

    That sort of thing…

    As I continued to read I felt calmer, warming, feeling that tingle where one feels that sigh rising just under the sternum, tickling one if you will. My sigh did come by your closing words and with it an odd feeling upon my soul’s back. Wings perchance?

    I am hoping so.

    Katherine, your words are that of a humbling blanket of comfort.


    –Michael Frost

    • odette67 says:

      Thank you so much. i wanted to show that regardless of all the discomfort in our lives there is always someone who shows you life and when you finally see it again, the light appears and you start to life, soaring with you wings being free thanks Michael

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