A Perfect View

From the top of the hill

Forest stretches afar

Green patchwork hills

Sapphire blue sky

Wispy vapour trails

A  perfect view.


From the top of the cliff

Deep blue sea, Sun shimmering

White crests rising

Sailing boats bob up and down

Seagulls soar on the breeze

A perfect view


From the office window

Dark green trees

Blowing gently in the wind

Patchwork hiss in the distance

Pigeons bask in the sun

A perfect view


From the bedroom window

Small garden bursting with colour

Squirrels scampering across fences

Bees and flies sharing the air highways

Regardless of weather

Each a perfect view.

3 thoughts on “A Perfect View

  1. This piece has truly lifted my day. Here it is overcast, the world feeling moody no matter where I go, what I see, what it should be. After reading this my mind took a different approach to it and I started to see my day in a new light, and I have smiled.

    Your ability to convey the most subtle details is profound, and if your intentions were to uplift the reader’s soul by your expression, you have truly achieved such.

    A real pleasure to read, and now one of my most favorites.


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