Angry wind

You howl around the house
Bending branches
Thrashing against the window
What do you want?
So Desperate to engage with me
I’m non responsive
You Force the glass, it shakes
You Rattle the doors
You roar and moan
I don’t understand you
Your fury is forceful
I am quiet
I stop and listen
I hear your screams, your pain
Your howling drops to a breeze
You whisper, I see you now
You are calm again
The world is still once more

The Memory lives on

As we come together

A meal in hand

Cullen skink

Haggis and neeps

Clootie samosa

Shortbread and whisky

Recitals of poems

You wrote to be read

A man’s a man for A’ that,

To a mouse and

Auld lang syne

We remember

The red red rose

As we get kilted up

In our tartan of old

And remember your live

Rabbie burns

And with tradition

We celebrate

The 25th of jan

And your memory

To all lives on




A sphere of white chocolate

A bright yellow band

An innocent look

Lush in my mouth

Oozes creamy chocolate

Laced with moijito

Melts in my mouth

I close my eyes

Just for a moment

I hear the waves of the sea

Feel the warmth of sun

Cocktails of an evening

Transported back

From this cold place

To paradise