Trying to be brave with my reading matter
Can I find the right book?
I check the shelves
Is it really too much to ask?
I pull another down
Britons motoring atlas 2000
I little bit out of date.
The illustrated guitar
If I wanted to learn
Or The ultimate golf bible
Is that where the world begun?
It seems to be an impossible task
To find a new book to read
So I plump for the one on the end of the shelf
The lives and loves of a he devil
What can I say?
I give up!

So I took a chance on my own bookshelf
What delights could I find to read
Ten little Indians, laughing gas
All been read to death
Then to an old favourite
Pride and prejudice I humbly put them away
And chose instead a slice of organic life
To take with me to bed

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