Outside the window

From the noisy bustling office

warm, musty and dark

shards of bright light stream in

branch shadows dance on the desk

swirling, twisting, slowly then quickly

as I stare at the window

light fluffy clouds race by

they tease me to join them

the empty trees sway in the breeze

the world looks silent through the window

my mind wanders, to faraway places

to distant lands, to sun kissed oceans

my dreams take me away from my desk

to warmth, colour and squeals of delight

distant forests with chattering birds

floating lazily in downstream backwaters

hot sandy beaches and ice cold beer

a ring of the phone

I’m back in reality

gazing once more

outside the window

Blue Monday

The sky is grey, the rain pours down

New Years resolutions abandoned

the middle of January

no turning back

Gloomy weather and gloomy days

that stretch onwards before spring appears

Thr pot is empty, No money left

Christmas bills land on the mat

The most miserable day of the year.

as you slog through the grey

huddle round the fire

counting the hours, the minutes that remain

a cheer up is needed

a hug from a friend

lets make the most of this dreary day

Dance and sing

Eat cake, drink wine

Tomorrow will be pink tuesday

full of smiles once more.