Still life

Day 12 of Napowrimo and the prompt was to use the index or contents of a book. So I chose Still Life by Richard Cobb, his sketches from a Tunbridge Wells Childhood.

As I approach in 1

I wonder about the locations in 22.

I can see the Sussex view in 28

Little Mount Sion in 34

I remember Grove Hill 37,

Where My Mother’s House lay 48.

Down the road were two people

i pluck from my memory.

The Black widow 56 and

Dr Rankling at 67.

At the bottom of the hill

still there today the church

King Charles the Martyr 71.

and the outside world 79,

from the Linbury-Buses 84

I looked through the doors and windows 93

The war memorial 106 was on my left

and i imagined my childhood journey,

in my pocket a secret map 124,

which chartered my holiday

a trip to the rocks, a ride on my bike

and ending with tea at Mr Evan’s 147

after all its still life.




Trying to be brave with my reading matter
Can I find the right book?
I check the shelves
Is it really too much to ask?
I pull another down
Britons motoring atlas 2000
I little bit out of date.
The illustrated guitar
If I wanted to learn
Or The ultimate golf bible
Is that where the world begun?
It seems to be an impossible task
To find a new book to read
So I plump for the one on the end of the shelf
The lives and loves of a he devil
What can I say?
I give up!

So I took a chance on my own bookshelf
What delights could I find to read
Ten little Indians, laughing gas
All been read to death
Then to an old favourite
Pride and prejudice I humbly put them away
And chose instead a slice of organic life
To take with me to bed