Perfect desert

A promise of a perfect desert

Light crumbly pastry

Light vanilla custard

Topped with berries

Busting with colour

Or maybe..

Chocolate sponge

A rich chocolate sauce

Oozing with lusciousness

Or maybe…

Light lemon cheesecake

Tangy and sweet

Melt in the mouth

Delightful rich

Or maybe..

Vanilla ice cream swirls

Piled in a bowl

Topped simply

With flakes of

Cadburys chocolate flake

Perfect desert.

Joined the Matrix

I’ve gone and done it,

I can’t believe it,

Have I become a sheep?

I’ve joined the Matrix


I bought an iphone,

joined the apple club

part of the Mac union

I’m now in the Matrix


Its white and shiny

Still in its box

I’m not quite sure what to do

I am sure someone will help me


I’m not really a sheep,

I’m not really in the club

I am part of the group

I know I’m in the Matrix