Dogs Life

many dogs with stick

It’s time for a walk

My dog and me

Boots on

Wagging tail

Shooting out of the door

As fast as a bullet


Barks of delight

At the grass and the wind

Playmates arrive

Sticks in mouths

Friend growling

Running in circles


All three join in

Running round together

One stick in three mouths

Almost joined at the hip

No one dare bark

For fear of losing the stick


Game now over

Happy and slow

Home for breakfast

Exhaustion sets in

Flops on his bed

It’s a dogs life.

Make way for the new

hole in tree

Old Bark peeling

making way for the new

flapping in the wind

hanging on tight

flaking slowly

flying in the breeze

and a gap

to peep through

seeing the old changing

new life appearing

buds on trees

catkins dangling

taking a leaf

 spring as its poised

I need the same

shed the old

make way for the new