Perfect end

Rushing around,

a hundred miles an hour

hardly time to breathe yet stop.

Phone ringing, emails pinging

people talking loudly.

So much to do, so little time

End of the day is close.

Home again, breathe again

relax kick of my shoes.

Long hot soak,

candles around the bath

bubbles up to my ears,

soft music playing

finally resting

Ice cream with a flake

movie on the screen

curled up with you

a perfect end.

Temporary Tattoo

The temporary tattoo was a thing in my past

The excitement of having a picture on my arm

and then school came and they had to come off

Oh the arguments for keeping them on


The soap didn’t work nor did the bubbles in the bath

but the magic flannel did it every time

the snake on my arm, just wanted to stay,

No, said mum he must slither off


A small rub and his tummy rubbed right off

Then his eyes and his little forked tongue

Then slowly the tail every last dot

The tattoo was finally gone


Not to worry I thought I wont be sad

underneath the bed is a bubblegum packet

inside is another tattoo to be worn

I’ll put it on when no one is looking!