Heirloom Blooms

So many things to plant and grow

Beans with names i have never seen

From Christmas Lima, just loves the heat

to Jacobs Cattle and Rattlesnake Pole,

Snow on the Mountain, visions of cold

to Tongues of Fire, vicious and hot.

These beautiful beans from long ago







Light of the Russian Doll

Dark is my space

No Sunlight, No twilight,

No moonlight, No starlight.

Hidden away, forgotten.

Silence falls around me

Only my memories

Talk in my head

Nestled in this void

No understanding of time

I once was beautiful

Painted elaborately

The smallest one

At the very heart

In the middle of the layers

Now movement

Gently at first then

Shaking, banging

Suddenly brightness

Searing, exciting

Releasing me from this space

Freedom and identity

My time to shine

As I am brought

Into the light

Stars Apart

Sky, black deep beckoning

Brightness of stars

Shine out at me

Can you see what I see

I wonder if they are the same

Do they shine brightly?

Can you feel their wonder?

Can you name them?

If we stood gazing at the stars

Would it be peaceful

Would we be as one?

As we are apart

I see my part of the sky

And where you are

Its different

I wonder what can you see

I hope it is as beautiful as my sky

patience of a spider

Suspended from the ceiling


you look like a statue


transfixed by your stillness


Without warning you drop


Your delicate invisible strand


your long legs are still


you reach your target


I watch, wait, wonder


I will apply the same


You are always a beautiful