Sunbathing in the rain


Warm breeze gently blows

Sunlight catching brilliant green hills

Over head dark black clouds loom

Turquoise is the lagoon

Soft pebbles lead the way

To the warm water lapping

Rain dances above my head

Falling gently onto hot sand

Laying in the heat

Sunbathing in the rain

A soft kiss placed gently

Is sealed perfection.

Spirit in the Sky

Black menacing clouds gather above

Sharp Cracks of thunder roll around the sky

Bright lights flashes lights up the dark

Then lightening forks rush downwards

Deep sinister clouds swell in numbers

Rain batters against the window

Looking deep into this dark obscurity

What do they hide behind their darkness?

Spirits in the sky, desperate to break free

Flat Tyre

I looked in dismay

Couldn’t believe my eyes

A flat on the car

Me in my heels

A sigh and a laugh

No help to be found

A spare in the boot

A jack underneath

And up went the car

Wheel was released

I heaved and pulled

And off shot the wheel

A quick swap was done

A new one to drive

And me in my black dress

And a pair of heels

Amazing what a

Girl can do!

Stars Apart

Sky, black deep beckoning

Brightness of stars

Shine out at me

Can you see what I see

I wonder if they are the same

Do they shine brightly?

Can you feel their wonder?

Can you name them?

If we stood gazing at the stars

Would it be peaceful

Would we be as one?

As we are apart

I see my part of the sky

And where you are

Its different

I wonder what can you see

I hope it is as beautiful as my sky

shoes on the pavement

All manor of shoes

going in the same direction

quick small steps

fast larger ones

shuffles and slow plods

as I follow them all

Spotty wellies with bows on the back

Shiny brown brogues

black scuffed lace ups

high heels tottering

black trainers with neon stripes

furry green boots

purple doc martins

all going the same way

all on a mission

all keen to get home.

Heavy rain

Black clouds adorn the sky

bursting with heaviness

Slight drizzle trickles down

then heavy downpours

gushing from the sky

falling, bouncing on the ground

small streams run down the path

small leaf islands form

changing the streams course

water rushes looking for a way

desperatly  winding down the pth

clouds lighten

rain subsides

everything lookes washed out


My faithful Dog

I wonder what your thinking

your eyebrows raise often

you blink when the sun hits your face

you lie still, one ear cocked up

The sun falls on your black fur

There is an auburn tint I’ve not seen before

you snore gently

your body rises with each breath

you look like your chasing rabbits

one eye opens just to check im still here

I wonder what you see

I wonder what you dream

I wonder what your thinking

You look happy and serene

my very faithful friend.


Change is swift

Brilliant blue skies

intense searing sun

white fluff clouds

Rhythmic calm sea

wind blows gentley

I close my eyes

peace all around


Ominous dark skies

heavy black clouds

The air is stiffling

heat is almost suffocating

Gun grey sea

Crashes with force

Large rain drops fall

intense heavy bursts

no peace now


The wind blows quickly in

and out just as fast

calming down again

dark clouds have moved

the sky is a brilliant blue again

the sun shines intensely

the sapphire sea is calm

a gentle roll of the wabes

peace is regained



I’m a black Labrador

Oh NO, don’ do that, your chin is so soggy

I really don’t like you jumping at me at all

Don’t you realize who I am

I am a black labrador


Oh NO don’t do that, your paws are muddy

I really do not like mud

I have breeding you know,

I am a black labrador


Oh No I’m not running after your stick

You’ve covered it with your slobber

I’m not keen on you sharing mine either

I am a black labrador


Oh NO I’m not going to chase you at all

I am not going to do that running thing

I like to plod and meander along

I am a black labrador


So who are you, remind me again

Oh you are a Labrador too

Do you have pedigree  like me?

you do, Ok I’ll play with you.