Bonfire Night

Cold air trails from my mouth

I can blow little circles

Dark is all around me

tiny candle lights appear in the distance

the bands pipe up with their music

the procession starts

Torch lights fill the sky

flames leaping upwards

people in fancy dress march through the street

and in the middle the GUY

shouting, whistling, cheering

as the people follow the crowd

they meet in a field

the bonfire is lit

it crackles quietly

whizz and bangs noises echo around

the sky is filled with a shower of light

bright blues, reds and greens

the crowd oohs and ahhs

and as the last firework finishes

the huge bonfire roars and crackles

the loud cheers and chants fade away

still is the night as we gaze into the flames


Bonfire Day

Icy wind push grey clouds

As long as the rain holds tonight

Theres a bonfire waiting

a guy on the top

just hoping the weather is dry

the roads are closed

people walk to the town

excitement in their voices

there’s a carnival atmosphere

Smiles, laughter anticipation builds

There is a calmness around

no cars on the roads

people line the streets

Bands playing in the distance

Children jump up and down in the cold

We wait, just wait

for the evening to start.