Trying to be brave with my reading matter
Can I find the right book?
I check the shelves
Is it really too much to ask?
I pull another down
Britons motoring atlas 2000
I little bit out of date.
The illustrated guitar
If I wanted to learn
Or The ultimate golf bible
Is that where the world begun?
It seems to be an impossible task
To find a new book to read
So I plump for the one on the end of the shelf
The lives and loves of a he devil
What can I say?
I give up!

So I took a chance on my own bookshelf
What delights could I find to read
Ten little Indians, laughing gas
All been read to death
Then to an old favourite
Pride and prejudice I humbly put them away
And chose instead a slice of organic life
To take with me to bed

A Hundred books

Hundreds of books

Sit on the shelf

Which do I choose?

Which jumps out?

Words on the page

Threaded together

Weave a story

Keep me engaged

Lure me away

From reality

Lost in the words

A tapestry woven

Thrills and spills

With twists and turns

Love and romance

Lost in a world

Of words entwined

The last page read

Bereft that its over

Still plenty more books

On the shelf to choose

To get lost once again

Away from the world

And into a new dream