I’m a black Labrador

Oh NO, don’ do that, your chin is so soggy

I really don’t like you jumping at me at all

Don’t you realize who I am

I am a black labrador


Oh NO don’t do that, your paws are muddy

I really do not like mud

I have breeding you know,

I am a black labrador


Oh No I’m not running after your stick

You’ve covered it with your slobber

I’m not keen on you sharing mine either

I am a black labrador


Oh NO I’m not going to chase you at all

I am not going to do that running thing

I like to plod and meander along

I am a black labrador


So who are you, remind me again

Oh you are a Labrador too

Do you have pedigreeĀ  like me?

you do, Ok I’ll play with you.