Lucky in Life


Images of lucky times

Bolder and brighter than every

Sounds are richer

Feelings stronger

Memories spread

Consuming my body

From the top of my head

To the tip of my toes

I feel so lucky

In every fibre of my body

The energy bubbles

Overflows so positively

To every corner of my life

To all that I  touch

I share with the world

Self preservation

I’ve wrapped myself up , no one knows

I’m inside a bubble, looking out

Its cosy , it surrounds and engulfs me

I’m protected from all of the outsideness

You can look in but you can’t see my whole

I let you see some of me, the strong bits

The happy parts, the confident me

The rest lies inside this bubble

Will I let you in? it’s possible

Will I come back out? eventually

The bubble shields me, I’m safe

It’s called self preservation.