Read your words.

Today’s poem is a little more challenging, the prompt from napowrimo today was use social media quotes from friends and followers.  So I have


A story a day challenge

Bubble trouble

Nothing beats some free time to relax

Unexpected Twists,

visually rich writing style, The Devil Came looking.

I’m back in the game,

a little follow up to the sea moving poem

I put my soul into superhighway,

I believe the whole world will read it

What is the secret of happiness?

Discuss. It can’t be that difficult


The tendency not to start anything.

Until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

You can just come into someone’s life

and make them feel special

Today is the day that will never come again

So make it a good one.


Ice on the windscreen

frost on the grass

I can see my breath

hanging in the air

autumn leaves falling

bright orange sun

its cold outside


milk in pan

porridge oats on top

bubbles on the cooker

just a little sugar

poured in my bowl

its cold outside

I’m warm as toast

winter is coming



Suspended in water

Suspended in water

tiny fluttering of fins

you work so hard to remain



You dart, twist and turn

scoot between rocks

Chase one anthers to



Floating in the bubbles

created by the pump

I see you bask, do they



I come to your tank

you come to greet me

are you looking at me

the way i’m looking at you


You are not free

held in a tank

I am not free

bound to a house


I am thankful for your serenity

you give me peace

you capture me, mesmerize me

I thank you



Temporary Tattoo

The temporary tattoo was a thing in my past

The excitement of having a picture on my arm

and then school came and they had to come off

Oh the arguments for keeping them on


The soap didn’t work nor did the bubbles in the bath

but the magic flannel did it every time

the snake on my arm, just wanted to stay,

No, said mum he must slither off


A small rub and his tummy rubbed right off

Then his eyes and his little forked tongue

Then slowly the tail every last dot

The tattoo was finally gone


Not to worry I thought I wont be sad

underneath the bed is a bubblegum packet

inside is another tattoo to be worn

I’ll put it on when no one is looking!