Happy Bus

happy bus

is a wet soggy day

Umpteen puddles to splash

Hot steaming coffee

Bright coloured flowers

Huge smiles of faces

It’s a Happy Bus day

The forecast is promising

Warmer weather on its way

Happy looking people

On a grey damp day

Music in my ears

Chocolate in my hand

I feel very happy

The smiles are free

So glad that most are on

The Happy Bus today.

Grumpy Bus

Oh the smiles where did they go

I’ve given lots of mine away

I smiled at everyone today

Trying to turn their scowls

Into something much nicer to look at

And what do I get in return

The Grumpy bus

Hoards of people, following the crowd

Unable to turn their downward face

Into something smiling

And how do they feel


And me

I smile, I’m happy

They can keep the grumpy bus

I know it must be expensive

In time and energy

To stay on the grumpy bus

Where as a smile