Chronic Regrets

I should not look back

leave the past behind me

Little things niggle

That I can’t let go

The child I missed time with

The loves that I’ve lost

Homes that have gone

Moments that were missed

Kisses now a dream

No hand to hold

I should write them down

Burn the ash and bury

Leave the regrets

Deep in the ground

And make space

To embrace the now

Have empty arms to receive

New love, adventures

Time ticks on

No more chronic regrets.

Glorious Mud

The path has disappeared

under a deep mud

I start by dodging it

walking around it

there are no dry patches now

my boot enters the mud

it sinks deeply

squelches oozing

covering my boot

I feel my boot slide underfoot

its harder to raise my foot

the stickiness clings to me

I smile

it reminds me of being a child

seeing how far up my boot it will go

being almost stuck

what glorious mud