Mellow yellow mellow

All things being equal

My world is a yellow place

Sunshine and daffodils

Smiles and laughter

Lucky in life and love

Warm glows around me

Chilled is all that I need

Mellow the night

Yellow the day

Spreading happiness

As far as I can

A new lucky day for me

Persimmon Sun

Persimmon Sun rises in the east,

It shines like a bright jewel in the sky

Catching its warm rays on my face

I bask in the early morning sun


The blue sky stretches as far as I can see

There are no clouds to taint it

There is  a freshness to the morning air

A slight chill in the soft breeze


In the distance there is a mist so strange

Just the tops of the trees peep though it

Above the sky is clear and blue

Underneath is lost for the moment


Its five in the morning, there is nothing quite like it

The morning dew shines in the orange light

There is an innocence at this time of the day

A purity that is refreshing as a new day dawns.