Traditional Start


Huge hall filled with people

Anticipation and excitement

Then silence all around.

The violin plays the opening notes

People stand as one huge choir

Voices fill the air

Harmonious in unison

Remembering the king of kings

The celebration of Christ being born

Notes strengthen, confidence rises

Singing Glory to God

For unto us a child is born

Lastly, belting out Hallelujah

Raises the roof

A jubilant performance

One never seen before

Being part of a mass

Singing in harmony

The start of my Christmas celebrations.



Create a song in your mind

Let it out, make it heard

Voices joining in harmony

Soul lifting as music soars

Hit every note with passion

Sing every word with sensation

Feel the music flow

Close your eyes, move in time

Sing out your heart

Adore the moment

Obsess the power

Admire the creation

live the Rhythm of life