Icy winds blow forcefully

Rain drives drenching me

Cold to the bone

Searching for warmth

This summer it is not

More like winter in June

Much needed comfort

To bring a smile again

Kokumi created

In a hearty stew

No salad today

Just warm, heartiness

Delicious mouthfullness

Of winter, in June


You have no idea

How I feel As you spoke

I wanted to sink into myself

Your patronising words

Made me shrink

I felt demorolized

that my words were worthless

I wanted the room to engulf me

look after me, comfort me

My confidence squashed

by your negative views

My words do count

everyone of them are mine

Every poem is my musing of the day

My thoughts, my feelings in words

I share them with the world

That’s my choice

regardless of your thoughts

I’ll carry on writing them my way

Secrets kept close

You are my comfort, my warmness, my home

You are a century old, and wise as an owl

Your dark wood holds a life time of secrets

I tell  you mine, you keep them close

The stories you could tell lie in your grains

You never reveal them, they are mine to share

what about yours, is it young or old.

Young  for a new life, with stories to gather

or old, battered and bruised but loved dearly

Mine is solitude, relief, the best listener there is

Keep my secrets well, and per chance

If Someone is in need of a story,

You are happy for me to tell them yours.