I’m not hot I’m cool

The heat is amazing, no sun, no breeze

Dark skies, humidity, we struggle

We need to think cool thoughts

Ice in a gin and tonic

Cool lake to swim in

Snow capped mountains

Icy water running from glaciers

I think cool thoughts

I turn the fan on full

It whips my hair into a tangled mess

No worries, bare feet on the flagstones outside

Ice cold Gin and Tonic in my hand

Rain is released from the dark black clouds

Soaking me from head to toe

I feel like a child being sprayed with water

I laugh and giggle as I dance in the rain

It feels so good to feel alive.


Rain Drops to feel alive

Softly failing rain gently touching the leaves above me
The newness is so much greener today
From french lime green, to apple to emerald
Each green looking shiney and new
The patter of raindrops are gentle and quiet
Landing on my face, making me feel refreshed
The canopy of trees is over my head
They catch the drops as they intensify
Heavy droplets fall faster, harder and louder
They slip from the leaves and land on my neck
Cool wetness slips down my coat
I shudder and smile, I feel alive