White light yellow hue

white light


White light glows

lightening  the darkest corner

colours are bright

the edges crisp

the sunlight glimmers

Yellow hue shines,

the white is brighter

its beam is sharper

illuminating the day

bringing happiness

shared from the inside out




New year,

New month,

New day,

Clean and crisp.

New thoughts,

New chances,

New achievements,

A chance to change.

No looking back,

No dwelling on the past.

Just looking forward,

to all that is about

to Unfold

Perfect start to the day

Frost glistens in the moonlight

Like a thousand twinkling stars

Iced leaves crunch underfoot

Into hundreds of tiny pieces

Mud on the ground is so hard

My feet no longer sink into it

My breath is white and still

Lingering in the air

The darkness encircles me

The moonlight shines the way

The early morning is crisp and cold

What a perfect start to the day