day off from work…. magic

Long warm day


peace is around


sun beaming down


grass beneath my feet


doves coo


no rushing around


day off from work


Day off

The morning sun wakes me early

I lie, let the thoughts drift in and out of my head

the alarm has been bypassed today

A day off, no hurrying,


Being up so early, the day is so long

The rain falls heavily, I don’t mind

Its a day off, it can do what it like

I’m not at work, I’m free

Blue Sky Day

Sky blue, bright blue, Blue sky day

The green trees catching the sun

The White clouds slowly drifting by

This morning at 7 it was a blue sky day


I basked in the sun, from first thing til it set

The sky remained blue, I felt blessed

It could be a holiday, I could be far away

Yet in my own garden, its like my holiday


Everyone is smiling,  happiness fills the air,

A gentle happy day, warmth was all around

A holiday, a day off , a working one

May everyone be a blue sky day.