Mothers love, kindness, curiosity, pride or madness

An adventure, a journey and epic tale

One that required strength and miles

A car, motorway, miles stretching ahead

Why? Mothers love of course, nothing less


For four hours, the car kept a steady speed

Hundreds of miles passed under the wheels

Light was fading as day turned to night

Why? Mothers kindness of course, nothing less


Darkened room filled with loud noises

There on the stage, a band waiting to play

The music erupted, deafening sounds,

Why? Mothers curiosity of course, nothing less


Fast energetic movements, in time to the sounds

Electric vibes from the watchers filled the room

Vibrant, enthusiastic, excited crowd.

Why? Mothers pride of course, nothing less


Dark night, miles of road stretched ahead

Two sleepy band members, reliving the gig

Four hours home, the car did its job

Why? Mothers madness of course, nothing else


Breaking the Peace

Dark sultry humid night, sleep is hard.

A bright light flashes through the gap in the curtains

A crack of thunder fills my ears

There is silence again, no rumble

Sheets of  bright light fill the sky,

Bolts of lightning  race to the ground at speed

It looks like it’s ripping the sky in two

Simultaneously the thunder cracks

The noise is deafening, breaking the peace

Wind whips through the trees

Huge rain drops fall from the sky

Then as fast as it arrived,

The sound of thunder rolls slowly away,

The lightening disappears from the sky

The wind and rain die away

There is peace once more

and the air remains humid and sultry.