Unique Sunset

© Robert Tilbury 2015

© Robert Tilbury 2015

The evening’s crepuscular charm

With is whole setting sun

A brilliant pale yellow orb

Slowly lowering itself in the sky

Pouring out brilliant orange hues

Mixed with dark reds and browns

Filling the sky like molten lava

Painting the sky magnificently

Threads of light mingling with wispy clouds

Each layer, overlapping the brightness

Delicate and frail as they linger in the sky

Sitting patiently, waiting for the moment

For that one photo, that changes my world

Crisp air floats downwards, like a deflated balloon

The sky is captured, that moment in time

There will never be an identical sunset

Twilight has arrived

Ice Feather

ice feather

Delicate features
Soft shapes formed
Overlapping each other
Glistening in the sun
Fine are the lines
Faint in the white
Shimmering plumes
Intricate patterns
Mysteriously intriguing
Elaborate designs
On my car windscreen
Imperfect shapes
As the temperature drops
Growing graceful feathers
From these seed crystal stems.