My dog Jake

My dog

My dog jake
Is a jake dog
Ball catcher
Cat chaser
Sun sleeper
Lap sitter
Wave biter
Spider sniffer
Stick chewer
Tail whipper
Ice cream licker
Sock burier
Water lapper
Seal swimmer
Rabbit fetcher
My dog jake
Is a jake dog

Stand off

Glued to the ground

Eyes fixed staring

Glances exchanged

Whites of the eyes

Heckles up

Heart beating fast

Frozen to the spot

Stalemate has occurred

Flight or fight

Stillness around

No noise at all

Suddenly changes

Deer takes flight

Leaps forward

Stampeding past me

I lunge for the dog

We both lay panting

Both amazed

The deer has gone

We are still intact

Relieved and amazed

Dogs Life

many dogs with stick

It’s time for a walk

My dog and me

Boots on

Wagging tail

Shooting out of the door

As fast as a bullet


Barks of delight

At the grass and the wind

Playmates arrive

Sticks in mouths

Friend growling

Running in circles


All three join in

Running round together

One stick in three mouths

Almost joined at the hip

No one dare bark

For fear of losing the stick


Game now over

Happy and slow

Home for breakfast

Exhaustion sets in

Flops on his bed

It’s a dogs life.

Happiness is…

Happiness is sun on my face

the hum of bees on the super highway

distant lawn mowers on a summers day

Children squealing with delight

The dog snuggling against me


Happiness inside me is

the feeling of love and kindness

the ability to smile at the world

the memories of my life

Choosing to be happy with all

My faithful Dog

I wonder what your thinking

your eyebrows raise often

you blink when the sun hits your face

you lie still, one ear cocked up

The sun falls on your black fur

There is an auburn tint I’ve not seen before

you snore gently

your body rises with each breath

you look like your chasing rabbits

one eye opens just to check im still here

I wonder what you see

I wonder what you dream

I wonder what your thinking

You look happy and serene

my very faithful friend.