Feet don’t touch the ground

Alarm wakes me at 5

Doves coos are deafening

Sun ray yet to warm

Dew soaks the grass

Time is of the essence

Walking dog in the woods

No time for delay

Don’t disappear, not today

Kettle boils slowly,

Or is it me in a rush?

Car to the garage

Wait, time ticks again

Then hurry to work

No time for lunch

No time to stop, to breath

To think

Then work finishes

Time for a drink

Too tired, too rushed

Time to sleep

Feet don’t touch the ground

Tomorrow will be slower

And time will wait.

Sit back and relax


Peace echos around me

the gentle tick of the clock

the hum of the fish tank

soft rustles of the trees

mellow coos of the dove


Slow deep long breaths

eyes restfully closed

minds eye focused

thoughts drifting in the breeze

the calm before the storm

silence is golden