Gift of wings

We have a short moment in time

A snapshot of measurement

Moments, day’s months and years

To make the most of


Each day lived in, Filled with doing

Sometimes silence and peace

Pondering time, soaking up dreams

Making plans for the future


Regrets left behind, Memories are made

Living for the now not the past

Laughing enjoying each day

Future is inevitable not planned


You filled my life with adventures

Showered me with kindness

Offered me love, shared yourself

You lifted my grief, showed me life


I live in the moment,

I soar with contentment

I fly free with

This gift of wings

Warmth of my dreams

Blue skies, bright sun

Fast moving clouds

Icy winds

Cold inside

Goosebumps on skin

Where is the summer?

Want to warm up

Shivering all over.

Look at the options

A cuddle is out

The heating is off

Hot coffee

I close my eyes

Think of the heat

The sun on my face

I smile in the warmth

Of my dreams.


Today the prompt came from “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314) BY EMILY DICKINSON  It was asked that we added words, took out punctuation and made it our own.  So here is my attempt.

stormy sea

Hope is the creature with plumage,

It balances within the soul

He sings the wordless harmony,

Increasingly, his sweet voice rises

As the storm increases, I listen more

As the tempest becomes painful,

The little birds does sing with such enthusiasm

He continually keeps a glow

And in the coldest extremes,

On the strongest sea

Yet never in his wildest dreams

Did he ever ask anything of me?

Clock of time

When I blow you my dandelion clock.

Where will you go?

Will you float on the wind and be carried to far away lands

Will you land at my feet and stay where you started life

Will you land on the back of a bird and go to pastures new

Where will you go?

So will you take my dreams with you?

Will they ever come true?

Will my dreams be of adventures in far away lands?

Will my dreams stop at my feet and go no further?

Will my dreams be of pastures new?

Only you my Danelion Seed as I blow you

Only you will know where I will go.

What exactly is a dream?

This was a little trickier today. Tangible and intangible nouns. The idea was to use After much though I decided to replace the word ROCK with DREAM.


What exactly is a dream?


But what exactly is a dream?

A dream is a natural substance of solid

There are three basic types of dreams

Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic

Igneous dreams are volcanic,

Granite dreams can be very old.

Sedimentary dreams are eroded fragments of other dreams

Metamorphic dreams are sedimentary or Igneous dreams

Dreams are all around us

No matter where you are, you are always close to dreams.