touch with your eyes


Beauty lies within each stroke

each line a definition

vibrant colours combined

softer colours mellow

lines stretch at angles

seeing through the cover

What i see is not what you see

What you have created you love

shows your feeling, your freedom

your energy flow

I look to see what you are showing me

what you are feeling, i embrace

Can i live your life

be what you are?

I cant touch this, kiss this, hold this

I can only touch your work

with my eyes

Chronic Regrets

I should not look back

leave the past behind me

Little things niggle

That I can’t let go

The child I missed time with

The loves that I’ve lost

Homes that have gone

Moments that were missed

Kisses now a dream

No hand to hold

I should write them down

Burn the ash and bury

Leave the regrets

Deep in the ground

And make space

To embrace the now

Have empty arms to receive

New love, adventures

Time ticks on

No more chronic regrets.

As one

Today’s napowrimo prompt is a love poem without cliches or the word love. So here goes

The soft sweetness of the air surrounds your embrace

I feel it swirl around me as you hold me close,

I have waited for a lifetime for your gentle touch

As you tumble towards me through my darkness

I wait for that enchanted moment

When two eyes align

Two noses touch

Two lips are sealed together

And when morning wakes

With one tender kiss

I know you are still with me

A darkness surrounds us

And we are as one

Change for a reason

We change the things we want to change
We live the way we want to live
Then the thing we least expects happens
Someone comes along and rocks the boat

They want to change our work
Not just a subtle one
The place is miles away
This is not in our plan

We think and ponder and wonder why
What did we do to make this change?
It wasn’t anything we did
We just happen to fit the hat

So do we change and comply?
Do we choose change ourselves?
Do we let others choose for us?
This is a hard choice

Me , I choose change, I embrace change
For change will take me to where I want to go
So thank you for changing my life
In a short time I will be exactly where I want to be