Wrapped beliefs

Crisp brown paper

Tied with string

Beautifully wrapped

Sitting, waiting

Inside a surprise

A secret waits.

Pulling the string,

It falls to the side

Delicately unwrapping

The paper to reveal

A box, closed tightly

With a clasp on the side

Opening slowly

Contents exposed

Full of beliefs

Empty to some

Each unique

In that we trust

Wrapped beliefs

We make our own.

Late night shopping

The late shopping trip

almost to awful to bare

the shelves almost empty

people wandering around

with empty trolleys

aimlessly wondering

what shall I put in here?

so they fill them up

with useless things

and worry about

what to serve Christmas day

I really don’t get it

I don’t understand

All of this worry

All of this food

just for one day.

When the  shops will be closed

and the assistants stay at home

cause they have a life too.

I’m taking it easy

what I haven’t got now

I’ll do without