Contagious Beams

Shaking with excitement

Huge smiles upon your faces

You both jump up and down

Your natural happiness coats me


We enter the enclosure

Beautiful green birds flying around us

One of you shy’s away,

you don’t take the necta,r you watch


Birds land on my arm,

pecking at the beaker of nectar

your eyes widen,

your smile is slightly apprehensive


your brother takes the beaker

birds flock onto his arms

he is amazed at holding so many

worried at the sharpness of their claws


You both find it hard to relax

its perfectly natural for you to feel this way

The nectar is finished, we leave the area

the beams across your faces are infectious


you both chatter 19 to the dozen

the experience was new and exciting

you forget your nerves,

and quite rightly revel in your achievements.



Road to a new beginning

At my feet stretches a road

It is the road to a new beginning

I have been here before

This time it is different


There are no potholes for me to fall down

There are no tiny roads leading from it

The road ahead doesn’t twist and turn violently

It is more of a gentle meander


It feels calm and serene as I walk slowly along it

The sun has come out, it is warmth embraces me

The flowers each side are bright and light up my day

This road feels comfortable and safe


I am in charge of my own destiny

This new beginning is no longer scary

I feel at ease as I make take small steps

This time I can almost see the horizon


This road to a new beginning

Is exciting and scary at the same time

I know its going to be the best adventure ever

With luck it will be shared with another