Autumn turning

Morning is dark as a raven

the fog hangs in the air

street lights elongate shadows

slate grey sky covered in fog

smoke wafts from chimney tops

mixes with damp air

soggy leaves underfoot

small drips of water fall from the tree

the smell of autumn turning

Thick Pea Soup

Thick fog hangs in the air

Murky air seepsĀ  from the sky

it obscures everything

the visibility is zero

Damp smells fills my nostrils

the clammy air sticks to my skin

I wonder if the sun will ever penetrate

this thick pea soup today.


Mackerel Sky, Storm is nigh

The clear blue skies that stretched forever have gone

feathery clouds are whisping across the sky,

its almost as if the sky is wearing curls today

A change is a foot in the weather


they spread into one another as far as I can see

their pale whiteness is so thin and transparent

its like a fog that the sun is trying to break through

is there rain on its way now?


They ripple across the sky all grainy

The striped patterns are like fish scales

All puffy and round getting darker

The mackerel sky, a storm is nigh