What do I know?

So today’s NapoWrimo prompt Is to write a poem about things I know. There are a few of then :-


The sun makes freckles appear on my face

I need my woollen hat when there’s an icy cold wind

That I can’t touch the bottom when I swim out at sea

That the blue Ink in my pen will turn black in time


When my mobile is on silent it won’t make a noise

Singing makes my heart happy,

And grey days make me sad

the strawberry top seashell is very special to me


I know where ever I am

what ever the weather

If I can see the sea

I know I am at peace

I’m in love

I’m in love with the sun that kisses me with freckles

I’m in love with the rain that showers me with freshness

I’m in love with the dark, that brings me solace and rest

I’m in love with light that brings me happiness and laughter

I’m in love with music which fills my heart with joy

I’m in love with words, I want to shout from the roof tops

I’m in love with the warmth that surrounds me from my loved ones

I’m in love with time, every second,  every minute, every hour

I’m in love with every season, each one is new and good

I’m in love with my life, every single tiny moment

And if this feeling lasts forever I will love them all the more