Happiness will bring you good luck
I know this as I smile
I am happy inside and out
I crack a double yolk
I buy a lottery ticket
I tell my friends I am happy
I remind myself again
Friendships are made, not discovered
I have friends
Which makes me happy
Therefore I am very lucky.
May your good fortunes find you
Be happy and be lucky in life

Bridges unite


Stretching from here to there

Open to the elements

No walls to hold you in

It unites us


Strength and structure

Carrying such weights

Crossing obstacles

Resisting movement


Over the smallest river

And the widest valley

your sweeping view

and rolling horizon


Life flows below you,

Connecting our conscious life

without you, no bond to each other

with you, the Friendship is endless

The better friend

I see you rarely

we text sometimes

we speak every now and then

yet I hold you close in my mind


I see you sometimes

We speak once a week

you make me laugh

you are dear to me


I speak to you every day

we text like a conversation

We see each other as much as we can

I roar with laughter with you

you are always in my thoughts

I want to share so much with you


We are all the better friend