Auto pilot at the start of the day

eggs scrambled, fresh coffee

work through the day

smile on my face

watching the clock

routinely played

the hamster wheel

we ride each day

Time for a change

ditch the day job

and follow our dream

Flat Tyre

I looked in dismay

Couldn’t believe my eyes

A flat on the car

Me in my heels

A sigh and a laugh

No help to be found

A spare in the boot

A jack underneath

And up went the car

Wheel was released

I heaved and pulled

And off shot the wheel

A quick swap was done

A new one to drive

And me in my black dress

And a pair of heels

Amazing what a

Girl can do!

Free as a bird

Cage door opens

bird perches on the edge

Unsure of whats outside

of the bars of the cage



bird flies fast and high

landing high in a tree

Bird is free


I want to be, Free as a bird

to choose what I do

When I have a holiday

Take a break for lunch


Not to be on the hamster wheel

Not to be dictated too

Self sufficient, live my life

As free as a bird, not locked in a cage

Mess and Mayhem

A Loud whistling noise shatters the silence

The waft of cooking bacon rises up the stairs

The dog paces backwards and forwards

There is a clattering downstairs

The microwave hums and pings

There is a clatter in the knife drawer

The cupboards squeak and bang

Its very early for all this noise

Its just another monday morning

My son is making Mess and Mayhem in the kitchen

It must be the hamster wheel of work

Calling us to start yet another busy week.

Human being or Human Doing

I am a ‘Human doing’
I am on the hamsters wheel
Day in day out up for work,
Rushing here, and there.
There are a couple of variations,
Shall I walk or take the car.
Sandwich or salad for lunch
Oh the humdrum of a Human doing.
 In fact I am a Human being
I am living for every day
I’m getting off the hamsters wheel
No more rushing for me.
Read a book, glass of wine
Potter in the garden
Visit all those places I desire
Take my time there is no hurrying.
I want to take it easy
I want to take it slowly
Enjoy every single second of my time
For I am a Human being not a Human doing